The Main Points of New Testament Prophecy

There are two main points of the prophecy that we read in the New Testament: Repentance and Encouragement.

 As we continue to study the prophecies in Matthew, these two points are what I would have you to keep in the forefront of your mind, especially when you have moments of uncertainty or confusion.

Simply stop in that moment and ask yourself, “What is Jesus trying to communicate in this passage?”  I can assure you that he’s either encouraging his followers to turn away from their sin and trust in Him until the very end or he’s encouraging them by pointing to a day in the future that he will return to this earth and all difficulty on all levels will be over.

The thought of his return should create a greater repentance and encouragement within us.  The thought of his return should be in our thoughts more than what it is.  Someone will say, “Wes, how do you know that we aren’t thinking about the return of Christ?”

I would answer by saying that if we were thinking of his return more it would change the behavior.  I know some of this theoretically, and some by personal experience. 

When I spend time thinking about Jesus’ return and the uncertainty of the day and time, it creates a healthy tension in me that makes me want to be caught in the act of doing something righteous or thinking something righteous when he returns. 

It reminds me of a summer job I had once.  The crew I worked with worked in the heat of summer and we had to frequently take water breaks to stay hydrated.  But even though it was allowed and even expected for us to take those breaks, we never wanted to be taking a break when the boss came to check on our progress.  And we especially didn’t want to be caught doing something that we shouldn’t be doing when the boss showed up unexpected.

So it is with Jesus.  I don’t want to be taking a break or doing something that I shouldn’t be doing when he returns.  I want to be doing His good work.  I want my thoughts to be thoughts that honor him. 

When I spend, even a small amount of time, considering his return, it changes the words I say and the tone in which I say them.  It changes what I allow myself to dwell on in my thoughts.  It makes the seemingly big issues of our day shrink in size and importance and relevance.

Best of all, dwelling on his return moves me into a state of worship and thankfulness and gratitude – And that glorifies God.  Oh how I want my life to bring God glory and how much I want to be glorifying him when he returns.

Revelation 22:20 – 20 He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming quickly.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

Much love,

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