Overwhelmed with Ideas

One of the fears I have in the presentation of our current series is that I will overwhelm you with so much information that you won’t know where to start or what to actually do.

You may not feel that way.  I only bring it up because I feel that way.  What do I do with all of this information and, practically speaking, where do I begin?

So far, as we have looked at what it means to build legacies of faith we began with a call to personal accountability.  We are the Church and we must all do our part.

Then we discussed the non-negotiables of being the Church and leaving a legacy for future generations.  Those non-negotiables are, God’s glory, Scriptural authority, sound doctrine and personal holiness.  Those are good, but they’re also very broad and not specific.

We moved on to the foundational attitudes we must have to follow Jesus as we should.  So far, we’ve discussed humility, obedience, love, service, joy and peace.  This week we’ll add three more.

Here’s what I recommend.  Pick one foundational attitude to focus on.  Study that particular attitude in the Scriptures and meditate upon what you discover.  Then ask yourself what you can do this week to demonstrate that attitude, not to be seen by others, but to be seen by God.

Ask God to help you.  God loves when we take attention away from ourselves and invest time in others.  When we align our will with God’s will, He truly does remarkable things through us.

One other recommendation.  Discuss the points of this series with a good Christian friend.  Again, start small and work into each individual point.  When we do this with others, we learn from their insights and they from ours.

Much love!

Wes LeFlore (918) 607-8489 or huskerwes1@gmail.com