Good Song…But Wrong Thinking

Good Song…but Wrong Thinking

I couldn’t help but notice a line in the famous song, “Away in a Manger,” this week that I’ve never really paid attention to before. The third verse says,

The cattle are lowing

The poor baby wakes

But little Lord Jesus

No crying He makes


I have no problem believing that a cow may have awakened the Lord Jesus, but the, No crying He makes, is the line that takes it a bit too far for me.


Prophecy & Blood

When the Spirit opens our eyes, we can see Jesus throughout the entire Bible. 

The first reference that we receive for his future death on the cross and resurrection is found in Genesis 3:15, which says,


The Origin of Finger Pointing

Mankind didn’t have to be in existence for very long before the finger started to point.  We can trace the origin of finger pointing all the way back to Genesis chapter 3.

Satan tricked Eve into believing a lie which caused her to lose trust in God and disobey His command to not eat of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden.


In the Beginning

Aren’t the first four words of the Bible fantastic?  Genesis 1:1 says,

In the beginning God…


Ignoring Discouragement

One of the toughest parts of living the Christian life is ignoring discouragement and there are so many avenues that discouragement comes from!


Overwhelmed with Ideas

One of the fears I have in the presentation of our current series is that I will overwhelm you with so much information that you won’t know where to start or what to actually do.

You may not feel that way.  I only bring it up because I feel that way.  What do I do with all of this information and, practically speaking, where do I begin?


A Spiritual Season Change

As the season is changing, are you?  Whether we realize it or recognize it, we’re constantly changing, physically that is, but not necessarily spiritually.

Has this new sermon series stirred anything within you that has caused and spiritual changes?


Created for Fellowship

Years ago, I used to meet a group of guys at six every Saturday morning to play golf.  I didn’t have any children in those days.  I can barely remember life before children…



There are two big inspirations that I draw from funeral services.  I either leave the service inspired by the person’s lack of accomplishments in life – and I leave wanting to do better, or I leave the service inspired by the person’s accomplishments in life, and I leave wanting to do similarly.


The Endless Pursuit

I recently became enamored with a new song.  It’s a folk song.  Those style of songs are the ones I have most naturally gravitated towards in the last ten years or so. When I find a new song that I like, I listen to it to absolute death.

In the newest song I like, there’s a really neat, meaningful word progression. The singer is reflecting back on his life and begins with the phrase: