Doubt and the Christian

A part of the Christian life is struggling with doubt.  Worse than having doubts, is the results of our doubts. 

For instance, there was a time that I was doing some rock climbing with a friend.  He was inexperienced and didn’t have much confidence out on the ledges.  We came to a place where you had to put your hands on a ledge about four feet high and then do a combination of a jump while pushing yourself up to get to the higher ledge.


The Greatest Payoff

The best part of climbing a mountain is the moment that you reach the very top and look back at where you came from.  This moment is what I like to refer to as the payoff. 

I like to refer to it as the payoff because in order to have made it, there was a price that had to be paid.  The price was advanced training and strenuous hiking.  Most often, the more difficult the hike, the greater the payoff.


2020 Honduras Mission Trip

This year Rex, Nathan and me are going to Honduras on a week-long mission trip.  This will be Nathan’s first year, Rex’s second and my eighth. 

What do we do there?  We work with a Honduran mission organization called Predisan.  There are a few areas of service.  One is called latrine projects.  Basically, we build outhouses for families that live in the remotest part of Honduras.


If You Knew

Sometimes I find myself in a situation that is so difficult I think to myself, “If I would’ve known how hard this was going to be, I don’t know if I would’ve done it.”

The most obvious example is hiking the Grand Canyon in a day.  It’s not until you are on your way out, physically and emotionally exhausted, that you begin to wonder what you’re truly made of.


What If…

What If…             

What would it look like if every person at our church set just one ministry goal for 2020?  When I say ministry goal, it could be a variety of different things.


Self-Doubt to Transformation

Have you ever been told to do something that you didn’t think you could do? 

When I was little boy, age five or six, I was with my parents at a pool party.  I couldn’t yet swim, so when I jumped into the pool, I always jumped close to edge so I could reach out quickly, grab the side and pull myself back to safety.

My parents told me to jump into middle of the pool and they would catch me.  I didn’t believe them, so I didn’t listen.  I jumped again, only this time too close to the side.  My chin hit the concrete edge and busted wide open.  To add insult to


Sensitized By Prayer

One of the worst effects of sin is its nature to desensitize us.  What does that mean exactly?  Simply stated, to be desensitized means to become less sensitive.

Nothing better illustrates desensitization than the disease of leprosy.  For years doctors believed that the disease produced decay.  It was later discovered that the disease does not produce decay itself, but rather, it damages the peripheral nervous system.


Why Jesus is Polarizing

Jesus was incredibly controversial in His time here and He continues to be just as controversial today.  Why is that?

When I read the Gospels, it is clear that, generally speaking, people either loved, hated or were indifferent to Jesus.  He was loved for his message of hope and his generosity in healing and feeding people.  That’s the easy part to understand.

The difficult part is understanding why he was hated.  Here are some reasons, which are by no means exhaustive.  He was hated because He didn’t do everything the people wanted Him to do.  People wanted different, specific things from Jesus, but as a whole the people wanted Jesus to overthrow the Roman Empire.  He wouldn’t do it.  He could’ve, but didn’t.  Instead He taught,



What are you planning to do differently in 2020?  I’m a bit behind, but will have my goals finalized very soon. 

I’m going to have categories of goals.  Professional goals, personal goals, mission goals and family goals. Over-riding all goals is my continuous goal of striving to be like Christ.

What does it mean to strive to be like Jesus?  Much can be said, but what it means most to me is dying to myself more and more in exchange for being transformed into an image more like Jesus.


Good and Bad Reasons

John the Baptist had many disciples.  Some defected to Jesus, which pleased John very much, but some stayed with him.  We read about John’s disciples all the way into the Book of Acts. 

One day, some of John’s disciples had a question for Jesus, Matthew 9:14 –

Then the disciples of John came to Him, asking, “Why do we and the Pharisees fast, but Your disciples do not fast?”

It’s a specific question, but a surface question.  There is another question.  The real question, which is, “Why do your disciples not do all of the religious things that we were taught to do?”