Every child of God has to look into a mirror and make two decisions: Who will I be and what will I do.  In his reflections on the book of Daniel, Bobby Valentine writes:

“Every person who has been baptized into Christ has been born again by God’s grace. Christians, therefore, exist in what may be called a state of grace or a state of salvation.


Builders Not Barkers

The following are words of wisdom for a brother in Christ, Terry Rush, on how we treat others around us.  We are either barkers, or builders! Rush states:

“Shall we take this tiny portion of a time-slot in which we live and be builders of community and people?  Or, shall we spend our slim amount of days on earth barking in disapproval



We are just a week away from our time of fasting as a church body.  On Saturday, February 3rd we will have a day of fasting in order to hunger more for our God.  Now this is totally a volunteer fast, but I have been praying that as many of us as possible will


Fasting: Battles

As we continue our look at fasting and prepare for February 3rd, I want you listen to the words of Jentezen Franklin in his book “Fasting”.  Franklin spoke of Jehoshaphat, king of Judah:

“He was a God-fearing king who found himself surrounded by a powerful enemy army.  Annihilation was certain without the Lord’s intervention.  Scripture records that, ‘Jehoshaphat feared,


King Stomach

I must start with an apology.  Last Sunday I gave credit to Mark Batterson for the term “King Stomach.”  Batterson is an excellent author of which I am reading his 40 day prayer challenge, “Draw the Circle.”  “King Stomach,” was coined but Jentezen Franklin, who wrote a book on fasting by the “Fasting.”  An excerpt of Franklin’s book states:

“Another brilliant example of one in whom King Stomach was lifted up was Esau, the son of Isaac and Rebekah. 


Pray, Pray and Pray

Last Sunday the challenge was presented to spend more time in specific areas of prayer.  The four areas in which to pray for are:

  • Pray for the very presence of God with us.
  • Pray to experience intimate relationship with God.


Advent and Waiting

As we discussed last week, the birth of Jesus was our hope. The world (aware or not) was in such need of an answer to its struggles. Homes were filled with people searching for a way to make it in this world. This season is so important because it reminds us of the moment in time when God showed up.


The Moment That Changed Everything

Do you ever go through a day and think, “Wow, that went fast?” Have you ever thought how such a small amount of time (a day, an hour, or even a minute) can change everything? I often find my mind contemplating moments by saying, “what if that would have happened, or “I should have done this or that.”


The Command is Love

The following is from Jeremy Hauck about how many times we have lost our greatest and most imperative command given by God. It does not take away any other command, but the article reminds us to rethink our living within our community. It states:



As we draw close to the end of 2017 and look into a new year, what awaits us in God’s Kingdom and in our community? A new year means new things, new events and new beginnings. 2018 is not merely a new year. With the New Year will come new challenges, new blessings, new visions and new promises! Are we ready for what God is going to do in our church family this New Year?